Extendable Metal Fork


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With one of these super Extendable Forks you can reach anyone’s plate! Are you going to eat that? No? Yoink!

This stainless steel Fork extends up to 64cm long, meaning you can reach out and grab that last sausage without having to leave your seat, or just use it to help yourself to someone else’s dinner whilst they aren’t paying attention!

Then when you are done just collapse it back down to its 21cm standard position making it easy to store and carry.

A great gift idea and a popular joke novelty!

Don’t believe us? Just listen to these glowing reviews from other customers!:

“Good entertainment value, well made, I had fun pinching others’ roasties! lol”

“Its perfect for everything! I used it to scratch my back and eat some spaghetti bolognese! Even fixed my relationship with my mother!”

  • Stainless Steel Extendable Fork.
  • Fully extendable, from 21cm to 64cm!
  • Help yourself to other people’s plates, pinch bread rolls and reach those out of reach dishes of food!
  • Supplied loose with tag.


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