iTracer (4)-1

Key and Phone Finder


Product Description

  1. Find your Keys, Child, Pet
  2. Find your phone
  3. Find your car
  4. Remote control for phone photos
  5. Remote voice recorder.

Pair this clever multipurpose finder to your smartphone (via bluetooth) and be alerted when they are separated by 25 metres (approx). Or press a button on your phone to set off an alarm on the key fob. You can also lock the finder in your car to find your way back to it using google maps on your phone. Also you could attach it to pets, people or valued possessions. It even works as a remote for the camera on your phone and a remote voice recorder. Several finders can be paired to one phone to keep track of various possessions.

Works using iTracing app available free at the App Store or Google Play.



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